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Hair Prep 101

Always arrive with your hair completely dry and clean.

Having your hair completely dry allows me to create your style without adding a blow-dry time and setting back our schedule and then making the bride late….no one wants  that!! (when blow drying be sure to use a brush that will help smooth the style) ;)

Having clean hair is also a big factor in creating the style you want to achieve. Hair with access oil and product build up does not allow for my hot tools to work their best potential and will leave the hair separated in unflattering ways!

Curly girlies—If you’re wanting to wear your natural curl be sure to use your everyday styling products and prep how you typically do for the day! ((If you’re wanting a more sleek look or want redefined curls with a larger barrel look then you will want to blow it out straight!)

Always feel free to message me with questions… because honestly who does this everyday?!!!

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