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For those of you who do not know me, my name is Jenna and I live on the Northshore of Massachusetts with my husband, 4y/o daughter & 5m/o son. When I am not behind the chair doing bridal hair I am usually at the beach, on a boat (weather permitting) or inside wishing it was warm! All jokes aside, I love the outdoors and staying busy :)

My true passion in this life (behind being a mom) is being a bridal hair stylist.

( YES, I only do bridal hair! )  

To me it has become the most rewarding path in my journey. Being able to make a women feel beautiful on a day she has been dreaming about since she was a child is truly something unexplainable. I would love the opportunity to make  Y O U  feel your absolute best!

Thank you for stopping by my website!

Meet Jenna: Welcome
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